The Truth About Chavez Is In The Barrios

Friday June 25, 2004 · Flavio Grassi

The best article on Hugo Chavez I’ve read recently is by an American Catholic priest who has been living in Venezuela for 19 years.

The opening:

While I was watching a huge rally in support of the current Venezuelan government, President Hugo Chavez passed through the crowd on the back of a truck. A stranger nearby commented: “Look at the eyes of the men. They’re crying.” They were – a reaction few presidents could provoke.

The conclusion:

Is the present government perfect? No, but the country is light years ahead of where it was under those who ruled before and want to control it again. They still have power and money. If you doubt it, just look at most news releases and editorials about Venezuela.
But if you want to know what is really happening in Venezuela, come and look at the eyes of the men the next time Chavez passes by.

Read it all.

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