Rebels Attack Mail, Schools, and Buddha

Tuesday June 8, 2004 · Flavio Grassi

The situation in Nepal keeps deteriorating despite the appointment of a new Prime Minister. Now maoist guerrilla are targeting the postal service, often the only means of communication for remote villages in rural areas where even the telephone is just a dream.

All schools are closed because of an indefinite strike declared by pro-guerrilla student organizations. And just hours after the Indian Foreign Affairs Minister K. Natwar Singh had closed his visit to Kathmandu pledging assistance in the struggle, guerrilla mounted unprecedented attacks against police stations and an army barracks in the Kapilavastu district, Buddha’s birthplace.

Switzerland is offering its services as mediator between the government and maoist rebels, but it remains to be seen how authoritative Prime Minister Deuba’s cabinet will be: right after his re-appointment by King Gyanendra, the opposition parties returned to their old habit of squabbling among themselves.

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