Peace in Sudan is nearer

Thursday May 27, 2004 · Flavio Grassi

The Sudanese government and the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army yesterday finally signed the key agreements to end the 21-year old civil war in the South of the Country.

This is good news, although there is still a lot of procedural detail do work out. And it doesn’t involve the looming humanitarian catastrophe in the western region of Darfur. Except, maybe, indirectly. Yesterday afternoon SPLA and the Khartoum government were still mucking about and talking of postponing the signature over last-minute disputes.

Apparently it took a phone call from Colin Powell to the SPLA leader John Garang to get down to business. I can only guess, but Powell probably made it clear that the U.S. had run out of patience over the Naivasha talks.

Now it’s high time to make a few firm phone calls over the Darfur situation.

Associated Press